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I have been a customer for many years. Recently was overdrawn and my fiance wrote me a check to cover my overdraft and help me get out of the whole. Deposit showed posted on 5/18/16. But was not showing in my account. I was told the put a hold on check until 5/27/16 until they received a letter from the other bank stating that the date the paid the check, the amount of check, and who check was written too, they would not release the funds to my... Read more

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This bank is awful! The fees are ridiculous and the employees are rude! I only signed up because the lady in Kroger was desperate like she needed to make her quota! Just go and get an account at the credit union or another bank! Add comment

I deposited my check on 05/03/2016 and two days later they put an extended hold on and. And two days before the extended hold was to come off they extended it another week. So its going to be 15 days before I get my funds is this legal? Add comment

This woman claims to Manage of your branches in Tyler, Texas. I feel embarrassed that you have an employee such as this. I would not look forward to doing business with someone who makes her assistant managers job harder because she "don't even like her". Disappointed... Add comment

I was given a good snow job to sign up, not told atm only has 3 functions, can not deposit at all which when acct in danger of over drafting will put you in a position to not manage your acct. also for online it requires an extra code you must put in after the either call with code or email you. they seem to work harder to inconvenience you. there debit card can not be used at pump without gas station putting $75 hold on your card. you have... Read more

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I was with Wells Fargo for 10 years and switched to 1st Convenience Bank a month ago cause it sounded too good to be true; and it was. I signed up for overdraft protection for both debit and checking which I was told started immediately. No debit card yet, I paid a bill with check that caused $5 overdraft. No big deal, next paycheck would cover it. Fees upon fees over $5 including 3 NSF fees, plus my last 4 transactions were prior to the 3rd NSF... Read more

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Not only does 1st convenience bank have an old atm, its located inside walmart! and now they switch their hours so they are no longer convient, and they had nothing else to offer besides extended hours! the customers might as well use other banks, at least they've updated the atms and you can do transactions with them after hours, now thats convenient! Add comment

I went in on a friday to cash my check and get a $207.00 money order, like I always do when I get paid every 2 weeks. I advised the lady that I needed a money order & $80.00 deposited in my account & The rest in cash. She handed me the $207.00 money order and accidentally deposited the rest of my paycheck in my account. She said I can just go to the ATM and withdraw the money which I did. I withdrew $500 & left the rest of the money in the... Read more

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My direct deposit went into my old checking account ending in 7390 was told they were gonna switch my 595 over never been switch now shows a 0$ balance Add comment

They first authorized me $900 overdraft protection, using my social sec check as collateral and I paid it off every 30 days when my social security check came in and then "reupped" my $900 overdraft in cash at the teller, for a one-time charge of $34. I did this for about 4 years, borrowing and paying back until they decided I was only going to get a $700 overdraft, even tho I had always been one time with the payoff, it was like I was being... Read more

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