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I was right by the bank when I mistakenly withdrew 10 dollars more than was in my account...I walked over to the counter and said here ya go I just withdrew 20$ to much.

They then informed me that I owed 3 overdraft fee's of 35 dollars... 1 for the initial overdraft then another for the maintanence fee and another for the low balance fee... I found it interesting that the moment my account goes negative the bank programs their computers to immediatly charge their customers the maintanence fee and low balance fee.. buncha crooks..

anyways .They said they could not give me the overdraft charges back unless I signed up for a "Power User" Account or somthing like that so I did.

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Go to Bank of America!They stopped multiple overdraft fees.

B.O.A charge one $35 fee and that's it.

I'm pleased they no longer screw people over and over with multiple fees.First Convenience is a rip off and I hope they get a class action suit to stop their scrupulous robbery behavior with customers.

Lancaster, Texas, United States #1346793

Too funny

Houston, Texas, United States #850010

People stay far away from this bank.I had an account that I only used for receiving expense money and paying my corporate card.

Recently, I decided to have my company pay AMEX directly so I have not been using the account. Today, I found out, due to maintenance charges, that my balance was -7.00 and they also added a 35.00 negative balance fee. I went to pay the overdraft and close the account, however, they also wanted 25.00 because the account was not 90 days old. I explained that my ATM was compromised and the branch had closed and opened a new account but they still wanted the 25.00.

I will wait 7 days when I can close the account without a fee.

I have never had a bank charge a fee when their fee caused the balance to fall.Thank god, I now bank with a more ethical bank.

to ACE67 Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1093951

I had a similar experience.I knew I had not had the 8 debits required to avoid the monthly fee, and no direct deposit is why I selected this bank.

I expected the monthly service charge and it was assessed a few days before my next payday. The fee over drew my account, and they assessed a negative balance fee on top of their monthly service charge. I didn't even think that was legal. I never overdraw my account with charges, and all of a sudden, I'm almost $50 overdrawn.

Freaking thieves.I'm going back to a real bank.

Red Oak, Texas, United States #837298

im with first convenience bank and i had a debit come in for $8.00 more than i had in bank.they charged me 35.00 for every pending trans for a total of $140.00 .

So now i owe bank 148.00 when i had enough to cover all except one. so if you live pay check to pay check like we do thats alot of money.

i will be changing banks real soon.THEY ARE THE BIGGEST RIP OFF i have ever seen


how negative can yur checking go


There are so many pretentious *** wholes on here who act like they have never made a mistake in their lives. They can start by taking a look atty how they type their ridiculous comments. I believe most can agree that being charged hundreds of dollars over a few just isn't right.

Irving, Texas, United States #703965

This bank is rediculous.And for all of the people working there trying to say that all other banks have fees...your just talkin sh** trying to cover up for your *** employer.

I have 4 other accts with 4 other DIFFERENT banks, and I have NEVER in my life had so many fees thrown at my acct. Lol and someone told me before I even got it that I shouldnt. Oh well thats my fault, but I can promise you one thing, there are waaaaay better banks out there that dont charge to start a d*** acct or any type of bullsh** for that matter.


Houston, Texas, United States #642891

They charge you overdraft even if you have the money.Say you had $500 in your account.

One day you bought five things at $100, say a penny comes out of your account for whatever reason. You would be charged an overdraft for everything you bought. I don't understand the logic in that. I asked a rep and they said it's because the bank paid those transaction.

Which makes no sense.

This is the first bank I have ever dealt with where the available balance overrides the current balance.Acting as a fast track to claiming everything you brought was an overdraft.

to Hmm #658390

Thats so not right.Bank of America was sued for doing that years back.

Now they apply the overdraft charge to the last charge that made the account go over. And even then they don't charge a overdraft charge if the overdraft is less than $100.00 AND a deposit is made within 5 days to cover the overdraft. They also don't charge an overdraft for the first 4 items. Example.

Lets say I only have $10.00 in my account but 5 charges come through, each for $15.00. There was not enough money in my account to cover all 5 charges. the bank will pay all 5. They will only charge one overdraft fee for the 5th item.

The first 4 are not charged a over draft fee as long as there is a deposit in the account within 5 days to cover the charges. However if a deposit is not made then a fee will be assessed for each charge. They don't advertise this but I found this out because it happened to me. I recieved a notice that 4 charges were waived but one was applied.

Luckily it was the day before my direct deposit was made.8)

to eeek Mountain View, California, United States #939569

I just had that issue with this bank.Used the wrong card on the 28th and they charged me overdraft of over $280.00 by the 31st despite the fact that I caught the mistake and transferred the money to the account.

I want to file a lawsuit.How do I go about it?

Dallas, Texas, United States #624363

Overdrafted once by 10 dollars for emergency reasons.

2 days later I owe 456.00 dollars.

*** ripoff artists.



All it takes is a little part of your brain and learning from your mistakes done at the bigger banks to manage this bank account properly.Read anything you sign!

Didn't your parents teach you that? All companies that are in business do not tell you everything that is in a contract, terms and conditions and this Deposit Agreement. It is a responsibility to read this important information on your own to protect your self. The problem with this nation is too many people need their hands held and think just by blowing up on a customer service agent that they will get what they want.

That is just being spoiled. This is a second chance bank so of course there are going to be more fees. I have banked here for four years and have not had one OD fee, neg bal. fee or any issues due to the fact i learn how the bank operates which is within the right of the law.

This bank is a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) regulated by the US Government.

So read, listen and learn and you too can manage your bank account without flaw.

to common sense #1009026

Or they can just not rip people off. People do have lives. Shouldnt have to worry about losing your money behind the scenes.

to Anonymous Avondale, Arizona, United States #1089039

Then just don't overdraft your account and learn how to only spend the money you have.Then maybe you wouldn't get ripped off.

Or just use this cool thing they have called an app to check your balance. It's called being responsible.

If you know you don't have the money for it, don't buy it.Simple

to Anonymous Irving, Texas, United States #1289175

Shut up, yo *** probably overdrawn now


Do I have to have direct deposit to withdraw money


shut them all down first convenience suck i wouldn't have my dog get account with them rip me out of almost 500.00 what kind of banking is this

to BUNCH #599564

This is one example of improper english language usage.If your going to make comments about how your think a company is ripping you off, at least don't use run on sentences and make some sense yourself.

Proper intellect may help you in the long run in managing your bank account.

to common sense Irving, Texas, United States #615727

If your going to make comments about how your think a company is ripping you off, at least don't use run on sentences and make some sense yourself.


"If your going"......It's "you're" as in "you are".

Oh the irony of *your* uneducated a$$ trying to correct others.


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