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Because of an Auto accedent I rented a car from Hertz. They put a hold on my account of about $600.00.

When hertz were paid they sent a fax to First Convience bank to release the funds. Three days later funds were not release and I was told it would be by the next day.The next day I was told they didn't get a fax.

Calling hertz they sent another fax. The bank said it would be off in a hour. When It wasn't. The bank was closed.

Going back and forth for more than a week I finnaly had a three way call between the bank ,Myself, and hertz. At such time hertz had sent five faxes. That was two days ago and the bank still has not released my money!

At this point I have NO ideal when and if they will ever release MY money.

Product or Service Mentioned: First Convenience Bank Account.

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