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I wake up in the morning, check the news and after reading for a short time, I'll check in on our bank. The website rarely works at night.

Actually, I'm not certain it ever works at night, I've never been able to access my account before six. Last Monday, I woke up to several 'foreign' ATM fees/charges. $2.50, $2.50, $2.50, $103.00, $40.00, $2.50, $2.50, etc...all from Houston, Tx. I've never been in Houston, I live four hours north.

My wife and I keep our card under lock and key, rarely use fact we choose to have only one between us. Our situation is very unique. I go to work, and she stays home ALL the time. If she goes anywhere, I take her because she hates to drive.

We own a home in another state, rent a home here in Texas because of my job. We have no family here, no-one close enough that we want to have them into our home. There is absolutely no possibility that someone familiar gained access to our card. We physically have our card.

So how are people getting money at an ATM without our 'new chip' card and PIN? The bank tells us people use 'dirty scanners' to pick numbers up from wallets, purses, hands, etc... They can get your CC number from ten feet away! Apparently gas stations are a big target with some people sitting in their car pointing some scanner at those pumping gas.

Others like to target a man with a wallet in his back pocket. Many other stories. It happens every single day the bank tells me. I never knew.

I never wanted the chip card either, but they told me it was much safer...then what? My slider card? I never had the numbers lifted from that one. So now I'm supposed to stack my cards on top of each-other so the numbers can't be read 'so easily?' And, get a 'number scrambling card holder, or use heavy duty foil' to wrap cards in.

Still won't help when you take out the card to pay. Wait! What?! And there's more.

I'm responsible, by federal law, for the first $50 stolen from my account! IF, and only if, I report it within two days. If I don't guard my account daily, after three days I'm responsible for the first $500 the thieves take! The bank is investigating now.

Of course I want to file charges when they catch whoever it is that did this, but it already looks to me as though I have the burden to do the Banks job. The money is still out of my account and my funds not returned to me until the investigation (10 business days) is complete. How is this right? I really don't mind an investigation...what I do mind is that our normal activity is like clockwork.

Someone notices when we visit our home out of state and we have to ask permission to use our card. How anyone could make these crazy withdrawals, at night, from an ATM (which we have never used) in a city more than four hours away...and the bank not put an alert out, or a call, or email. I don't know. The bank people were nice first.

But when calling back to get more answers...the investigator department spoke to me like I was a nobody...a thorn in her side, I was taking up her precious time and she would not assign my case until the following day...if then. THAT is how I was spoke to. I've been a loyal customer for the five years we've lived/worked here. I'm not happy with the way they handle their customers.

I never thought this would happen to me, I always believed in being good to people. I never imagined a bank treating a customer who had been victimized through NO fault of our own, it was absolutely the banks fault-no warnings, no notifications about the things I mentioned above, they did not keep my money safe. And added insult to our injury.

We'll soon open an account elsewhere. Convenience in location and hours were great, until we realized our money was at stake.

Product or Service Mentioned: First Convenience Bank Debit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Bank allowed long distance theft from my account, Failure to refund fees, Lack of accountablity, Security issues.

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