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Looking at previous reviews, there isn't much more that can be said about this bank, but here you go.

My daughter inadvertently over drafted. Within 2 days, the OD charges had run up to $300+. We went down and took care of the charges, as well as closing the account. They tried to get her to leave the account open with a dollar in it. (I'm sure this was so they could find other charges to collect)

We refused and closed the account. 5 days later, a netflix $9.00 charge came in, which sent the already closed account into OD again? At this point, they started adding up daily charges for OD. They kept doing this for 2 months, without any contact. At this point, they sent to collections and are calling her 5+ times a day.

She is a struggling single mother, trying to make ends meet. I could help out and pay these fees again, but whats to say that this wont happen again as the account was already closed.

I put some of the blame for how this bank is preying on people who are having difficulties, on Walmart, as Walmart must know of their business practices, and lets them prey on their customers.

Start taking your complaints to the grocery stores who are hosting these banks.


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I am sorry but you said your self that your daughter over drafted her account. So therefore that was her fault not the bank you can blame them for not watching what she was spending and then another came in after well that was because the charge occurred before the closing of course she has to pay for it why not the bank paid it for her so she owes the bank.

No one complains when the bank pays there bills for them. But when the bank want's their money back it is a different story.

Tell your daughter not to open another account until she learns RESPONSIBILITY or you will be out of money again. :roll


had your daughter signed a form giving them affirmative consent to charge overdraft fees? A new law requires that the bank have consent given on a special form with a separate signature (basically helping to ensure that she knows what she is signing).

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