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We are very dissatisfied with the quality and level of "customer service" this financial institution provides. We have received NO useful information.

We went into a local branch to report my father's untimely death and close his account. After providing the requested paperwork and information (including death cert and notarized affidavit of personal estate) we were told it would be sent to "research" department and we would receive something in the mail. When we asked what research needed to be done no answer was given, just that we would receive something in the mail. So we have no idea what the research is, nor will anyone tell us.

We called today as it has been over 10 days. again no information was given.

We can't imagine what research needs to be done when you have death cert in hand with estate validation! Very bad service.

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deposited a certain amount my bank account the next day and it wasnt the amount i deposited i had to get out of work went to a branch and they basically told me they couldnt help till they reviewed the cameras like wtf it was cash money how can someone make a mistake the guy that helped me was sal hernandez at the food town on antoine in houston this is by far the worst customer service ive had as soon as they resolve my account i will be cancelling its not fair we all work hard for oir money

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